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12 Aug 2019

Google OAuth and 'Quota exceeded for quota metric' issue

In the last week, you might have noticed a few strange errors popping up for your Google accounts or even problems setting up Google accounts at all.

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License Manager tutorial is live!

9 Aug 2019

Our video tutorial for License Manager is live and available here or on our YouTube channel.


New version of translator!

2 May 2019

eM Client improves quality of email translations with the power of AI, as Microsoft rolls out an update for their translator technology.


eM Client for Mac is officially here!

23 Jan 2019

We're proud to announce, that after years of development we have made the huge leap forward and are ready to announce the full version of eM Client for Mac. From January 24, 2019 you can use all the features you've grown accustomed to on both Windows and Mac.


eM Client 7.2 Update is out!

14 Nov 2018

Shortly after the release of eM Client 7.1, we started processing all the feedback that we received from our users. Now, a couple of months later, we proudly present the new update 7.2 containing the below-listed features and many other fixes and enhancements.


eM Client for Mac Beta 2

31 Oct 2018

We are happy to announce the Beta 2 release of eM Client for Mac. We were listening to your feedback and did our best to fix all of the reported issues.


eM Client Server Settings

16 Oct 2018

Whether you manage your company licenses or have numerous licenses of your own, we'd like to introduce an effective way of not only managing your licenses but also the user settings or all activations.